In January 2016 Mr Zuckerberg announced that he will build a “simple AI (artificial intelligence) to help run my home and help me with work.”

So what else has he got planned for this year? Apparently - Search and messaging are the next big things for Facebook.

He referenced Iron Man's alter ego Tony Stark’s home automation system, Jarvis, in his original post, and Pokemon Go in his announcement today (remember he is still the man who wears a hoodie and jeans to work).

He spoke about 'looking up content in the ecosystem' 

Could this mean a Facebook/Google mashup?

We can only speculate on how he plans on doing it, however, the thing that Zuckerberg does have going for him is that he is in charge of the most popular website on the planet.

He also has connections that most of us could only dream of.... 

Happy reading!