I read about Quantopian a few years ago and it looked interesting.  A platform for creating trading Algorithms that anybody can sign up to.  (Well not me, as I am not a High Energy Particle Physicist, Quant or Data Scientist)  It seemed quite novel and people I talk to were using it to practice their Art. 

Over time it has got a whole lot more serious and now Steve A. Cohen is involved to the tone of a Quarter of a Billion. You know Steve, the guy whose SAC Capital got in trouble with the SEC a few years ago. 

The pits were replaced by people sitting encased in hundreds of screens, could the trading floors disappear completely, replaced by a PhD Physicist sitting in his/her bedroom writing amazing algorithms?  A lot of jobs in the city can be done from home now, remote work is on the increase.  I just don't want it to go too far. I don't enjoy my commute but I do enjoy the camaraderie .  I don't want to wake up one day and the city is barren like a scene from 28 days later.

Happy reading.