Blink and you’ll miss it.

Trends and fads in Ultra-Low Latency High Frequency Trading move faster than point to point millimetre wave technology that was en vogue a while back.

A few years ago I took a year out, only to come back to market to find Automat go from GETCO to KCG, Madison Tyler changed names about three times.  Not long ago Chopper was engulfed by DrW whilst some village in rural England was holding a town hall meeting to protest at the installation of a new Microwave Tower, whose sole purpose is High frequency Trading.

My point is, the whole industry is a fascinatingly geeky fly on the wall Soap Opera being played out at rapid speed.  People are stabbing each other in their backs, there are disputes about land, people are gossiping like neighbours over a fence (Michael Lewis I am looking at you), there are divorces and marriages of convenience and you know there will be a disgruntled uncle that wasn’t invited to the party.

The difference here is that the sole aim is to generate huge sums of cash with no emotional attachment. 

What will be the next twist in the plot? Are RenTech the M. Night Shyamalan of endings?  This interesting article (below) gives a little info on where the super-secret Renaissance Technologies are going and it sounds cool.

In the meantime I am still Headhunting so get in contact for market conditions and trends whilst I secretly dream of a Billions/Silicon Valley cross-over. Who wouldn’t want to see Erlich Bachman in a room with Bobby (Axe) Axelrod?

Happy reading.