Unless you've been stuck under a rock, this year we have seen some... 'Interesting' brand redesigns across 2015/16. 

Just to mention a few which stuck out for me, Uber, Instagram, Deloitte and Career builder. (If you missed any of these go research them.)

So if your anything like me you'll be thinking 'What is this redesign? and 'How can I have one?'

As recruitment consultants and marketeers alike, our personal brand is our lifelong ally, its our portfolio of tools and knowledge which we must continue evolving and creating.

So it had me thinking, Mastercard claim their new logo 'aims to cement an idea of “connectivity” and “seamlessness”, the translucency of the central orange colour also aims to reflect a sense of “transparency” while all three colours are now lighter and brighter to convey “optimism”.'

So just to get your minds buzzing for the week ahead, what would your personal brand be? 'Industry expert and personable' 'Knowledgable in your area and an asset to your company.'

Worth a thought, and i'll keep an eye out for your redesign...